Home Remedy for Yeast Infection Is All You Need


Home remedy for yeast infection is among the most popular yet effective methods to cure your yeast infections with least side effects. There are many remedies and cures out there. However, home remedy is the best cure for yeast infection at lowest cost. You will find this article an ultimate list of home remedies for yeast infections.

Yeast infection is very common in every woman’s life, especially among pregnant women, sometimes even in men. Despite the fact that it is normal some people are ashamed to ask for yeast infection cure from their doctors and tend to turn to home remedies for yeast infection. The reason why there are home remedies is because it is common and not that serious, but it is better to visit the doctor if the home remedies don’t work effectively.

home remedy for yeast infection

A Visit to the Doctor

For pregnant women, it is not wise to try home remedy for yeast infection without consulting the doctor first. The doctor will prescribe an anti-fungal cream for pregnant women that can be used without affecting the baby. For those who are not pregnant and have tried curing the infection using home remedies but didn’t experience positive results, it is important to visit the doctor and ask for their prescribed yeast infection cure.


What the doctor usually prescribes is an anti-fungal cream that is available over the counter in every drugstore; this is to be applied on the affected area twice or three times a day depending on the doctor’s advice. Another over the counter yeast infection cure is the suppository that the doctor prescribes if the yeast is in an alarming amount. Common home remedy for yeast infection will not work in these severe cases.

Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

For some people who suspect that they have yeast infection, a visit to the doctor to ask for a yeast infection cure is not the first option. They use the common remedies for yeast infection that can be found at their house without any hassle. One of the common home remedy for yeast infection is the use of garlic; one garlic clove is enough, and it is to be put in the vagina overnight and thrown in the morning. The garlic may cause the vagina to have a watery discharge but is expected to kill the yeast especially if the yeast infection is just starting.

Another yeast infection cure that is used by a lot of women as one of the most effective home remedies is the plain, unflavored yoghurt. Yoghurt, especially the plain and unflavored one have micro-organisms that are proven to kill yeast and are proven to cure yeast infection. There are three steps of using yoghurt as a yeast infection cure; first is to consume plain yoghurt every day to absorb the live micro-organisms, the yoghurt is also to be applied directly on the affected area during the day while a tampon that is coated with yoghurt is left overnight. These procedures are done until the yeast infection is completely cured with home remedies for yeast infection.